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What You Should Know About Tramadol And What Else It Is Used For

You should call your doctor if you get itchy skin welts, dizziness, swelling of the face, throat or mouth. Serious skin rashes have been reported while taking this medication. In addition, this medication can cause flu-like symptoms like a fever. If you have blisters or sores inside your nose, throat or mouth you should call a doctor.

In addition, call a doctor if you have trouble breathing, or if you feel faint, dizzy, confused or too drowsy. These symptoms may occur if your dose is too high or if you have overdosed. Call your doctor if you have a problem passing urine, seizures, trouble walking or other problems.

Constipation is another common side effect for medications like tramadol. If you become constipated, you can take stool softeners and or laxatives when you need them.

However, consult with your doctor or nurse before you take these products. In addition, you should drink plenty of water during the day, and you should eat foods that contain a lot of fiber like oatmeal, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and bran. If you have not moved your bowels in a few days, you should call your doctor.

 Can You Take Tramadol For Cancer Pain?

Most cancer pain can be treated with tramadol. Make sure you tell your doctor how tramadol is working for you and about any side effects that you experience when you take this medication for any reason including cancer pain. Your doctor may be able to adjust your dose multiple times in order to treat your pain.

If you have chronic or long-term pain due to cancer, you should talk to your doctor about taking medicine on a regular schedule. If you wait until the pain becomes worse, you may need more medication to keep in under control. You may be able to switch medicines or take an extra medication for the pain.

What You Should Do If You Are Worried About Becoming Addicted To Tramadol

If you are worried about becoming addicted to tramadol, you should talk to your doctor about taking the smallest effective dose. By reducing your dose, you will decrease the side effects and reduce the risk of tolerance and physical dependence. Tolerance to this medication means that you will need a bigger dose in order to get pain relief. In addition, when people take opiods for multiple weeks, they may experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop the medication suddenly.

You should never adjust your dose without talking to a doctor. Please note that an individual that takes tramadol for a long time may need a larger dose in order to reduce their pain. However, if that same dose is given to another person it may cause death.